Jordan Brown

Mental Health Advocate - Compassionate Coach - Writer - Poet - Social Worker


Person-centered coaching has become a natural outgrowth of my online, mental health community-building. You know your life best, but sometimes compassionate outside analysis and accountability can help.

Writing + Poetry

It all started with a desire to write the kind of accessible, meaningful mental health content I couldn't find on the Internet.


I've been invited to speak about my mental health journey on several podcasts and at events. Authenticity always finds a way through. That's what you'll always get from me.

About Jordan Brown

My name is Jordan, and I'm a just guy who believes in the power people have to change their lives.

I started the mental health website Nerve 10 because I was tired of not finding the meaningful, relatable mental health content that I wanted to read.

I also write a daily mental health newsletter called The Mental Health Update.

Entering the World of Mental Health

As typically happens, I was first introduced to the mental health system, not by choice, but by necessity.

My mom experienced a sudden mental health crisis that required quick action.

I felt totally unprepared to deal with what happened, and I was still looking for answers years later when I stumbled upon NAMI.

Without a doubt, taking the Family-to-Family course altered the trajectory of my life.

I realized that I had a knack for helping folks talk through mental health crises. So I committed to becoming a Family-to-Family teacher if the opportunity presented itself.

I also vowed to quit chasing jobs closely identified with status and money--and start chasing my passions and dreams.

Turning Challenges into Dreams

Mental health is my passion, and my mission is to completely change the way we talk about mental health issues.

We talk about mental illness when we should really be talking about mental wellness.

That's why I've committed myself to empowering others not to see themselves as broken or labels to be tossed around--but as resilient individuals capable of great change.

Compassionate Coaching
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Mental Health
Writing + Poetry

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Mental Health Speaking

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